The First International Symposium on Sino-Swiss Evidence Science Held in Haikou, China

  Between January 19th and 21st, 2015, the first International Symposium on Sino-Swiss Evidence Science was successfully held in Haikou, China. This conference has facilitated communications between scholars from both evidence law and forensic science fields. The conference was presided by Professor Baosheng Zhang, the vice president of CUPL and co-director of the Collaboration Innovation Center of Judicial Civilization. Professor Baosheng Zhang, Professor Lin Chang from the Institute of Evidence Law and Forensic Science and Professor Christophe Champod from University of Lausanne composed the conference organizing committee.

  The Symposium invited thirty-three leading experts from China, Switzerland, the United States and New Zealand. Experts deeply discussed hot themes such as “function of forensic science to judicial civilization”, “legal issues in the application of forensic evidence”. During the two-day conference, Professor Lin Chang delivered an opening speech, Professor Ronald J. Allen delivered a speech on “the Domain of Evidence Law”, and Professor Christophe Champod made a remark on “Fingerprint Evidence in Britain from the Perspective of British R v. Smith Case”.

  After two-day heated communications, the conference concluded on the evening of January 21st, 2015. In the closing ceremony, Professor Baosheng Zhang gave a high mark of the conference. Professor Christophe Champod officially announced that the Second International Symposium on Sino-Swiss Evidence Science Symposium will be held in Switzerland in 2016 and offered a sincere invitation to all participants on site.


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