Key Laboratory of Evidence Science (Ministry of Education)

Key Laboratory of Evidence Science,CUPL,Ministry of Education, China was officially approved to be constructed by the Ministry of Education in Dec. 2005. Which is the only Key Laboratory, Ministry of Education, in national law subjects and law schools. In March 2008, the Laboratory was officially accepted by the Ministry of Education and formally operated, in April 2008, Fada Institute of Forensic Medicine & Science was accredited through the laboratory license and laboratory accreditation two-in-one review of China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS), became the first domestic judicial appraisal institution (three categories) in colleges and universities accredited by CNAS, the appraisal report issued by which can be recognized by sixty international authorized institutions. This laboratory treats evidence law and forensic science as two major research fields, forensic medicine, material evidence technology science and evidence law as three major research directions, cross research between natural science and social science, and scientific research、teaching and authentication three-in-one combination as the unique features.

The institute currently has 35 full-time research staffs and management staffs, one Chang Jiang Scholar chair professor in this laboratory, who undertake 43 research programs. The laboratory has the only doctor degree and master degree point of evidence law in the country, supposes two research direction of evidence law and forensic science, and began to enroll master of law (forensic science) since 2009.

The laboratory has one magazine named 《evidence science》、two official websites, one is the official website of Evidence Science in China ( and the other is the official website of Fada Institute of Forensic Medicine & Science ( . The laboratory’s current director is Professor Baosheng Zhang, vice Professor Lin Chang and Professor Jinxi Wang. The academic committee’s director of laboratory is academician Yao Liu.

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