Professor Jinian HU Attends the 17th Annual Conference of IAFMHS

The 17th Annual conference of the International Association of Forensic Mental Health Service (IAFMHS) was held in Split, Croatia from 13 to 15 June 2017. The subject of this year’s conference covered several related topics including the comparative law study of forensic mental health service, the way to forensic mental health service, forensic appraisal, service and management of psychotic criminal, assessment and management of violence risk, social reintegration, public policy and law. About 400 attendees from around 30 countries and regions attended the conference.

Professor HU from Institute of Evidence Law and Forensic Science, CUPL attended the conference and reported a paper entitled “the Judicial Proof Problem in Appraisal of Ability of Taking Criminal Responsibility of Persons with Drug-induced Mental Disorders”.

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